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2. Timberlawn

March 8 – Nancy N. meets Jeremy at a retreat sponsored by Casa View Baptist Church in the Dallas suburb Mesquite and they begin dating

March 14 – Jeremy withdraws from grade 9 at Bryan Adams High School in the Dallas Independent School District (DISD); he attends Richardson Junior High School in the Richardson Independent School District (RISD) while living with his father in the 600 block of Rorary Drive 

April – Two days after Nancy breaks up with Jeremy, he is hospitalized after trying to commit suicide by taking an unknown quantity of pills; Jeremy admitted to an in-patient adolescent program at Timberlawn psychiatric hospital in Dallas

June 11 – Joseph and Wanda file to modify custody of Jeremy, which has become “unworkable or inappropriate under existing circumstances”; Joseph becomes managing conservator, Wanda has to pay child support and they split insurance and medical costs

July – Michelle meets Jeremy at Timberlawn and they date.
    Jeremy gets pass to come home from Timberlawn, drives to Nancy’s house one day and threatens to shoot himself because of family and school problems
October – Michelle is re-admitted to Timberlawn; Jeremy is released; Michelle and Jeremy break up